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Discmania Lite  Discmania Lite

We’re proud to present you with all new product for Discmania, the Discmania LITE Basket! We’ve spent the whole summer and fall testing this one and we’re confident this one is a game changer in the lightweight practice basket market.

Innova DisCatcher 2013 (28 chains)  Innova DisCatcher 2013 (28 chains)

Designed to lower your scores, the DISCatcher Pro is equipped with 28 chains. The DISCatcher’s design has 14 outer chains, 7 intermediate, and 7 inner chains. This chain grid catches fast and slow putts, heavy and light discs like no other target.Redesigned for 2012, The DISCatcher® has 28 chains to catch even better than ever. New for 2012, 14 spoke basket design with additional ring support adds strength and reduces possibility of discs squeezing through basket

Innova DiscCatcher Traveler  Innova DiscCatcher Traveler  €159.00
Innova Skill Shot  Innova Skill Shot

The SkillShot™ is built for action! Weighing in at a very portable 26 pounds, and folding to the size of a golf umbrella, the SkillShot is the most portable basket in disc golf. It even comes with a flag for reading the wind and its very own carry case.

School DiscGolf Set  School DiscGolf Set

Un set complet pour l'école. Incluant tout le matériel nécessaire pour monter un petit parcours temporaire.

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