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Backsavers - Comfort & Endurance  Backsavers - Comfort & Endurance

Be kind to your spine! Get a set of Innova BackSaver Straps to lighten your load, reduce fatigue, and enhance comfort.
The BackSaver Straps are designed to evenly distbute the weight of a full disc golf bag across your shoulders.

Discmania Arctic Flask  Discmania Arctic Flask  €25.00
Discmania towel  Discmania towel  €10.00
Discmania umbrella  Discmania umbrella

Discmania umbrella

Innova Caddy Pack  Innova Caddy Pack

Innova Caddy Pack - the perfect combination : seat and backsavers.

Innova Competition bag - Ultra Light & Comfortable  Innova Competition bag - Ultra Light & Comfortable

The Competition Bag is an ultra-light and ultra-durable full size bag designed to carry up to 20 discs.
Internal frame provides structure and adds support to keep discs organized.

Innova Deluxe bag - Superior Quality  Innova Deluxe bag - Superior Quality

The Innova Deluxe Bag is an excellent choice for all players. The Deluxe Bag is a durable, spacious bag with room for bag for 15-20 discs plus accessories.

Innova DewFlytowel  Innova DewFlytowel  €12.00
Innova Discarrier bag - Need it all?  Innova Discarrier bag - Need it all?

Want to carry everything you need for a tournament and a sack lunch? Then the DISCarrier is for you !
The DISCarrier is big enough to fit multiple putters and enough discs for any course!

Innova Hero Pack  Innova Hero Pack

The HeroPack allows you to carry 25+ discs in a lightweight backpack style bag. Highlights include reinforced sides and top, along with a u-channel disc divider.

Innova Park&Fly stool  Innova Park&Fly stool

Innova Park&Fly stool

Innova Starter bag - The Essentials  Innova Starter bag - The Essentials

The Innova Starter Bag is an affordable choice for beginners and for players who don't carry a wide variety of discs.

Mini Innova  Mini Innova  €3.00
Mini UV Innova  Mini UV Innova  €4.00
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